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I made this painting when i was studying in school , two friends going market holding hand in hand, boys and girls also become friend but some says that boys and girls can’t be frnd. I was against to this thinking  who such like that in 21st century some old people think like that.

Hope u like it.


I make this painting when i was in tenage

a girl playing with her pet dog shinu

she is so happy, both of them playing 

like a kid.

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Dark and milky night,

a cat sitting on a tree branch,

enjoying the dark night,

leaves of tree by wind,

falling from tree.

Black and gray cloud

moving by wind.


Beautiful rose

in a rainy weather

smelling so fresh

fragrance of rose is  spreading everywhere

color of rose is pleasent red.


My painting related to a guy and a girl wandering on a garden, guy showing a tree to her and explaining the history of a tree and both enjoying their company.


Today i have read one story from newspaper and it was so inspirational,i hope u also like it after reading this.

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